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Congratulations to all of the newly-funded REACH ancillary studies!

The BACPAC consortium recently funded a number of multi-phase REACH ancillary studies that will require close collaboration with the Data Integration, Algorithm Development and Operations Management Center (DAC). Congratulations to the following projects:

  • Formalize Theoretical cLBP (chronic low back pain) Models using existing clinical data led by Jeffrey Lotz, PhD and the BACPAC Theoretical Model Working Group

  • ComeBACK Study - Addition of Treatment Categorization Questionnaire and Additional follow-up timepoints of data collection (combined) led by Jeffrey Lotz, PhD and Conor O’Neill, MD

  • CAPER (A Patient Preference Tool to Inform the BACPAC Adaptive Trial) led by Leslie Wilson, PhD, Patricia Zheng, MD and Conor O’Neill, MD

  • Harmonization of Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain Across BACPAC Research Sites led by Thomas Link, MD, Remy Lobo, MD, Roland Krug, PhD and Aaron Fields, PhD.

Dr. Jeffrey Lotz discussed the impetus behind the project “Formalize Theoretical cLBP Models using existing clinical data” in a recent NIH HEAL Initiative article about modeling efforts surrounding chronic low back pain. The overall goal of the project is to evaluate several existing cLBP clinical datasets for content that may prove useful in accelerating the theoretical cLBP modeling activities across the BACPAC consortium (e.g. to study causal inference, mechanistic factors, predictive outcomes, etc.).

This will be accomplished with two specific aims: 1) to develop criteria for evaluating external datasets and aggregating and formatting the selected data to support developing cLBP models and methods, and 2) to establish a model stakeholder group to develop a clinical utility roadmap (CUR) for cLBP models along with criteria for near- and longer-term model evaluation.

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