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Industry Collaborations


REACH directors have years of experience integrating research with core services, and in doing so, engaging a broad network of scientists, clinicians, and industry professionals. A major emphasis of our work is to advance the principles of data quality, rigor and reproducibility in academic and industry research programs, and to encourage collaborations the two.


We welcome industry partnership engagement and look forward to developing collaborative relationships with app. developers and other corporate musculoskeletal programs.


Additionally, membership opportunities are available in the NSF-funded Industry/University Cooperative Research Center, the Center for Disruptive Musculoskeletal Innovations (CDMI). CDMI supports ‘industry-inspired’ fundamental spine research overseen by an industry advisory board (IAB) that includes eleven medical device companies. Interested organizations can join the CDMI by becoming part of the Industrial Advisory Board. The IAB advises the CDMI’s management on all aspects of the Center, from research project selection, execution, and evaluation, to the Center’s long-term strategic planning. This extensive industrial involvement in both research planning and review bridges a gap that traditionally keeps US industry from capitalizing fully and quickly on the fruits of research at US universities. Visit the CDMI website for more information and to become a member.


The REACH/CDMI collaboration will broaden the REACH network and bring the best tools and solutions to BACPAC via multiple partner universities and industry members (e.g. Aclarion, Liberty Mutual, Mainstay Medical, Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, and Stryker).

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