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Pathophysiology Core

X-Ray Results

Pathophysiology Core:  


Aaron Fields, PhD - Director, Orthopedic Surgery, Associate Professor


  1. To provide, maintain, and support state-of-the-art quantitative imaging, serum, and tissue methods for pre-clinical and human musculoskeletal tissues.

  2. To develop and support novel quantitative imaging, serum, and tissue methods and grading tools.

  3. To provide interpretation of imaging data and assess links to the extracted biochemical, histological, and biomechanical measures, and the relevant clinical endpoints.

  4. To provide web portal access to examples of previous studies that have used serum/tissue/imaging endpoints and detailed descriptions of clinical and research services, and to handle new service requests efficiently through the web portal.

  5. To perform proactive outreach to attract potential new users and participate in the BACPAC consortium activities to provide imaging seminars, workshops, and facilities tours that will introduce new imaging and image processing capabilities to the BACPAC community.


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