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Physical Function and Biomechanics Core

Gymnasts with Balls

Physical Function and Biomechanics Core:  


Jeannie Bailey, PhD - PFB Core Director, UCSF Orthopaedic Surgery, Assistant Professor

William Marras, PhD - Co-Director, OSU Mechanical Engineering, Professor

Matthew Smuck, MD Co-Director, Stanford Chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation



  1. To provide, maintain, and support state-of-the-art tools for non-invasive physical function and biomechanical assessment.

  2. To develop and support novel quantitative tools for assessment of physical function and biomechanics.

  3. To provide interpretation of data and assess links between diverse activity and biomechanical metrics collected and to the relevant clinical or experimental endpoints. 

  4. To provide a webportal and forums for stimulating collaboration, learning, and improving upon our current approaches where we will present new research and technology innovation to the REACH and BACPAC communities.


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