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Administrative Core

Office Work

Administrative Core:  


Jeffrey Lotz, PhD            REACH Director, UCSF Orthopaedic Surgery Vice Chair of Research

Conor O’Neill, MD           Co-Director, UCSF Director of the multidisciplinary spine service

Dezba Coughlin, PhD     Operations Director


  1. Provide strong scientific leadership for REACH.

  2. Provide administrative management, fiscal oversight, and evaluation of all center activities.

  3. Coordinate center activities and communications.

  4. Manage the Enrichment Program activities, including Pilot/Ancillary grants.


• Leadership

  Internal Executive Committee (meets weekly)

  External Advisory Committee (meets annually)

  Internal Advisory Committee (meets annually)


• Management

  Fiscal, Intellectual Property, Rigor & Reproducibility, Tracking & Evaluation


• Communication/Collaboration

  Website, Newsletters, Slack, Focus groups, Listservs, CDMI, P30, ORS, NASS, ISSLS


• Enrichment Program

  Pilot/Ancillary Studies Program

  Seminar Series

  Informational and Training Workshops

  Annual Retreat

  Patient/Community Engagement

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