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Resources for cLBP patients:


Our entirely online low back pain study - help our team find long-term solutions for people suffering from chronic low back pain. Complete the online surveys from anywhere; there are no in-person visits.


This NIH funded effort is part of a larger initiative to stem the national opioid public health crisis by improving the management of chronic low back pain. This study aims to understand patient perspectives of chronic low back pain to help researchers develop better, safer, and more tailored treatments to every individual.


By looking at links between peoples' traits, or phenotypes, the BEST trial will aim to learn what treatments are most effective for an individual based on their traits, to then be able to propose treatments for participants with similar biomarkers.


A study for the improvement of racial and ethnic minority participation in low back pain research. Help us find solutions for people suffering from chronic low back by completing a short survey about your back pain and get up to $50. Join the INVEST study!

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